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CONNEXOR allows for fully automated, cost-efficient management of reference data throughout a financial instrument's entire life cycle. As the central link between all market participants, CONNEXOR enables greater efficiency and quality globally thanks to its unique data standard.
Collateral Secured Instruments (COSI)
Thanks to COSI, short for collateral secured instruments, the issuer default risk of structured products can be sharply reduced. Should the issuer become insolvent, the securities on deposit will be liquidated in favor of the investors. This opens up opportunities for a wider range of investors, especially those who wish to avoid default risk to the greatest extent possible.
Issuer Reporting
Issuers can go online to fulfill their reporting and disclosure obligations associated with management transactions and reportable shareholdings. CONNEXOR Reporting can also be used to fulfill the issuer's regular reporting requirements.
Equity issuer newsfeed
Do you want to keep a close watch on the market? Then benefit from the free service of SIX Swiss Exchange: We publish the ad hoc messages that are published daily by the companies listed with us.